Free EV Charging.
At Home and On The Go.​

Welcome to EV Club. All the power, none of the fuss.

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EV Club At a Glance

Charge On Us. Everywhere!

Unlock Free Charging. At Home. On-the-Go. Any time. Get $20 worth of EV charging every month with the base plan. See plan options below. Upgrade to suit your needs.

Free Charging

Charge Smart, Drive Smarter! ​

Discover reliable, compatible chargers nearby. Not only do we ensure that they're working, we take you there fast, in a way that's good for your EV's health​​.

One App, Every EV Charger!

Step into the future of EV charging. One membership. Unlimited horizons. At home or on the Road. Anytime. All streamlined and priced just right.​

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Free Charging
Partners that power you

Daily Cash Rebates for Every Charge!

At the end of each day, we break down the total battery charging your vehicle received (Kilowatt hours), location, cost and rebate you up to your plan’s full free charging limit.

See the savings accumulate in your digital wallet. Every time you charge your car.

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Universal Charging Plans

Our plans? As universal as your wanderlust. One-time setup, endless cruising.

Limited Time Offer



Best, if you just wanna give it a try.​

Get up to $20 cash back on your charging sessions every month.



Cruise more, pay less.​

Enjoy $70 of charging each month. This is our most popular plan.​



Unlimited charging. On the house, always!​

Max rebates, min worries.

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How Plans Work

Charge your electric vehicle worry-free with EV Club! Here's how it works.

Home EV Charging

Home EV Charging

Charge Your EV at home or any public charging station as you usually do.

Daily Cashback Calculation

Daily Cashback Calculation

Each day, EV Club calculates the total value of all your charging sessions from the previous day.

Daily Cashback Calculation

Daily Cashback Credit

At least once a day, we credit the calculated cashback amount to your EV Club Wallet.

Flexible Spending

Cashout Anytime

Withdraw cash from your wallet to your linked bank account anytime, with no minimums and no time restrictions.

Payment Process

Payment Process

For all payment transaction, we use the wallet balance first, and then charge your card on file for any remaining balance.

Repeat Benefits

Repeat Benefits

This process continues until you reach the maximum rebate / cashback amount according to your plan. Upgrade to suit your needs.

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Charging Connect
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Frequently Asked Questions

EV Club is designed to simplify and enhance your EV charging experience by offering a universal app that works across all charging networks. We aim to make EV charging as hassle-free as filling up a gas car. Unlike fragmented apps that restrict users to specific networks or charger types, EV Club bridges the gap, providing a consolidated platform for all your EV needs.

With EV Club's fixed monthly plans, you will always pay a discounted, fixed rate. You will also have a predictable charging expense, eliminating the need to constantly compare rates across different charging stations.

No, we believe in transparency. Our fixed plans cover all your charging needs, even at home. There are no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

EV Club supports a wide range of EV models, and our platform is compatible with over 78,000 charging locations across the country. Our goal is to provide expansive coverage, ensuring you're never far from a compatible charger, regardless of where you are.

Yes. And the best part is, you still get paid for charging your EV at home, even if it is for free to you. Why? Because you should be rewarded for opting to drive an EV.

Your complimentary or discounted charging sessions are made possible through support from sponsors, advertisers, and carbon credits earned by charging your vehicle. Many EV drivers are unaware of how they generate carbon credits or how to leverage them for financial benefit. We utilize your data strategically, capitalizing on aggregation and bulk discounts. In essence, our diverse revenue sources allow us to extend most of the benefits back to you.

At EV Club, we believe in fairness and transparency. To calculate your monthly rebate, we use the total power received by your vehicle during charging sessions. The rebate amount is determined by applying the state average energy rate, ensuring that all our members, regardless of their individual energy costs, enjoy the benefits of free EV charging.

This approach allows us to offer a uniform and equitable rebate system, accommodating variations in state energy rates. Whether you charge at home with solar power or rely on conventional electricity, our goal is to provide you with the best value for your EV charging experience.

We continuously explore innovative solutions to further enhance the accuracy of our rebate calculations. Your feedback is valuable in this journey, and we appreciate your understanding and support as we work towards even more precise and sophisticated methods in the future.

We don't check your vehicle. Instead, your data is transmitted at regular intervals to your car maker. We merely request the latest information from them throughout the day.

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